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Prayer Hall (Musalla) Regulations

Please read these regulations carefully and observe them at all times. All attendees are held responsible to the observance of these regulations. The center adopts a low tolerance stance to individuals who “plead unawareness.” Thank you for your cooperation! In order to maximize the spiritual and educational experiences of all attendees, the center has set forth these regulations:


There are two separate prayer halls for men and women with designated entrances. Separated by a wall and two arches, the worship space left of the wall and arches is reserved for the men. The worship space right of the wall and arches is reserved for the women. The use of the prayer sanctuary is open to both genders. Please respect the worship practices of this center.

  • Do not tamper with the lights, the air-condition system or sound system.
  • The men and women’s prayer halls are handicapped accessible.  Contact the Office Manager if you need assistance.
  • Do not block the hallways leading to the prayer halls, doorways, or the access ramps.
  • There is a designated Imam. Should the Imam be tardy, a grace period is requested.
  • Backup Imams are designated by the center.


  • Please dress modestly, sensitively and according to Islamic etiquette. 
  • Shorts passing the knees, Tank Tops and extra tight clothes are prohibited.
  • We would appreciate if she would dress modestly and put small scarf on the head to show respect for our faith.
  • Remove shoes before entering the prayer halls and place them on the shoe racks.
  • Please do not eat or drink in the prayer halls.
  • Please be mindful of attendees and worshipers.
  • Minimize all conversations in the prayer halls.
  • Keep your children close to you at all times.
  • Women are permitted in Islamic Fiqh (Four Madthabs) and leading Fatawa to sit on front of the benches in their prayer halls.

Technology Etiquette

  • Please observe cell phone etiquette in the prayer halls. Cell phones and electronics should be placed on “SILENT.” Cell phone conversations are not permitted in the prayer halls.
  • For event filming and photography, please contact the Office Manager for an appointment.
  • All internet browsing on the masjid wireless should be appropriate for children and adults at all times. Individuals who view unacceptable materials online will be asked to leave.

Public Services

  • Friday Prayer services start at 1:00 pm. The 5 daily prayers’ times change monthly and are announced ahead of time by the management.  The call to prayer (Adhan) will be done 10 – 15 min before prayer starts depending on the prayer of the day.
  • The Director of Education must pre-approve all announcements, education programs, short talks, speech, announcements, and other forms of public address. Only pre-approved individuals are allowed to give announcements.
  • Please do not remove any Qur’ans or books from the sanctuary. Return all Qur’an, books, and other educational materials to its designated locations. The center declines donations of all written materials, except with express written approval from the Office Manager’s office.  If you need a personal copy of the Quran, contact the Office Manager
  • For lost and found, please contact the Office Manager. The center is not liable for any personal losses or damages.
  • Report all suspicious activities to the management. The center appreciates anonymous tips on any infringements of the aforementioned regulations. The center reserves the right to take all necessary steps against individuals who infringe upon these regulations.

Guest Sermons/Programs

The ICT board shall approve any guest speakers for Khutbah, lectures or classes. The ICT board shall consult with the Imam and or Director of Education to help making suitable decisions in favor of the community’s benefit.


Visitation and Safety Policies

The legal name of the institution is Islamic Center of Tennessee. This facility includes

  • Two separate prayer halls for men and women
  • An Education auditorium
  • Crescent Café and Lobby area
  • Classroom(s)
  • Multipurpose areas
  • Parking lot
  • Basketball and Volleyball courts
  • Other facilities that are under renovation and to be added to this list in future

The above facilities operate under the ICT management.  The center aims to provide the community with prayer facilities, quality education programs, and a safe zone for attendees to meet and network.  The center is open to attendees Muslims and non-Muslim, as well as their respective families.

Office hours

Other than the daily prayers, the office hours are:

Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 – 12:00 pm

Closed on Sundays

Please visit the Office Manager if you are a visitor. All visitors should observe the same rules as required by all attendees of this mosque. The mosque is open for visits at all prayer times. However, to schedule an appointment beforehand, please note the office hours below. The office will help coordinate a time for your visit.

1. Parking

Vehicles should be parked between the two white lines of a parking space and not double-parked. All visitors and attendees should not park in spaces designated for

1. People with special needs (Handicap)

2. Fire lanes

3. All other reserved or prohibited areas as noted by the center.

Overnight parking requires approval of the management.  Vehicles parked illegally or parked overnight without prior approval will be towed at owner’s expense and may be reported to local police.

2. Attire and Cleanliness

When coming to the center attendees is required to wear modest Islamic clothing. For volunteers and staff, the minimum attire is long sleeved tops and long pants. You are required to clean after yourself whenever and whenever. The center requires that all attendees wear attire that reflects sensitivity and respect for this center. The center reserves the right to interpret the appropriateness of all attire.

3. Children

The center welcomes families to experience the facilities of the center. Parents at all times must supervise their children. All disruptive activities are prohibited. The center does not assume any liability of you or your family while attending the center. All Gameboys, toys, game consoles are not allowed in the prayer halls. Children must be kept quiet at all times. Failure to do so will result in the center removing the child and the parent from the event or the prayer hall. If your child requires assistance, please exit the lecture and prayer halls immediately.

Please watch your kids at all times and do not put the management in the difficult position of enforcing disciplinary measures against disruptive children. The center reserves the right to prosecute and charge families whose children have broken or damaged anything belonging to the center. The center also reserves the right to prevent families or individuals from bringing disruptive children to the center.

4. Behavior and Courtesy

All attendees are held to the highest standards of respectful conduct. Physical or verbal abuse of any attendee at the center is strictly forbidden. Attendees found in violation of this will be asked by the center to comply with the code of “respectful conduct.” If the attendee refuses to comply, the center shall ask the disruptive attendee to the leave the premise. Repeating violators of this code are subject to being banned from the center.

5. Conversations

All “meeting and greeting” should be done outside of the prayers halls. Please keep conversations to a minimum inside the prayer halls. All electronics and cell phones must be placed on silent in the center at all times. Repeated violation of this rule is not only a flagrant disrespect for the center, but will incur disciplinary measures.

The prayers halls are designated for prayers, supplication, lectures and center-sponsored events. At no time shall the prayer halls be the locus for religious debate and argumentation. The center adopts a zero-tolerance towards the desecration of the prayer halls with debate and argumentation on religious, personal or political topics.

6. Equipment & Facilities

Exercise care when you use any equipment, facility or items belonging to the center. All properties and items belonging to the center should not be moved or removed from the center. Destruction or malfunction of items and equipment is the responsibility of the user. The management has a right to demand payment to replace the item and will contact local authorities if necessary. Do not tamper with any equipment of the center. This includes, but is not limited to the lighting facilities, microphone equipment, locks, doors, setup of furniture etc.

7. Distributing or Selling

No individual is allowed to distribute or sell on the premises of the ICT which includes the parking lot, unless approved by the Board or Office Manager. The center does not allow individuals to distribute anything without the express permission of the management. This includes, but is not limited the selling or the distribution of paraphernalia, literature, pamphlets, flyers, books, brochures, advertisement ads, goods, food, etc.

8. Overnight Stay

Other than the yearly Ramadan Itikaf, the center does not allow any individual or group to stay overnight inside or outside of the center. All relevant rules and regulations apply.  Other requests will not be granted approval.

9. Food and beverages

The center does not allow food and beverages to be brought from the outside without prior arrangements and approval of the Management. No food is allowed to brought into the prayers halls.

10. Smoking

This is a no smoking facility.  In compliance with state statutes (Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act), smoking is not permitted inside the building and outside within 50 feet from the building. If you have any questions about complying with the Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act call


11. Technology Ethics

At no time shall attendees bring TVs, VCRS, DVD players, game consoles, or any entertainment equipment into the center except with express permission from the management. Attendees are not allowed to browse the Internet or utilize the wireless Internet for leisure purposes in the prayer halls. The use of electronics is allowed outside of the prayer halls with the following conditions:

  • The internet shall be reserved for educational purposes.
  • Kids should not be allowed to use the wireless Internet unless supervised by a parent in line with observance of all technology related ethics. The parent is responsible for any technology or internet usage by their children.
  • All internet usage must be used for appropriate, halal and educational purposes. Visitations of music or inappropriate websites are not tolerated. The center reserves the right to interpret the nature of “appropriate halal and educational purposes.”
  • Individuals who wish to use their laptops or mp3 players must use headphones at all times. The volume of the headphones must not exceed a 5-inch level where other attendees can hear.

Safety Standards

The center meets all fire codes and other safety standards approved by the Fire Marshal, city and state regulations. All events held at the center must in line with the city and fire department regulations, as well as reflect the policies hereby stated in this document.

1. Weapons Policy

Weapons and ammunition are safety hazards. No weapons are permitted at any time. All violations of this will be reported to the police immediately without exception.

2. Illegal Activity

Any illegal activity by any individual or group will be reported immediately to the Police.  Any unknown or unattended packages will be removed from the center or turned over to law enforcement if necessary.  No personal items should be left outside or inside the center.

3. Food Safety

While the center does provide refreshments to attendees from time to time, all individuals are requested to be responsible and aware of the food content offered in the center. If you are allergic to any food or chemicals, please notify the center. The center will make sure that your safety is first addressed. The center is not responsible for any medical related allergies or accidents resulting from the negligence of attendees.

In the event where food is offered or sold at the center, venders must furnish adequate information to prevent food allergies. Failure to do so will result in the revoking of the vendor’s license. The center is not liable for the food sold by any vendors.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer informs readers or viewers on our media outlets including all Imams and guest speaker, that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in our media outlets belong solely to the author, Imam and Speaker and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

Comments and Feedback

The center welcomes any questions, feedback, comments, and suggestions.  Please submit these in writing to the Office Manager making sure to include your contact information (name, email and number)

ICTN Baylaws

The attached file below is the ICT Baylaws 



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