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Welcome to ICT Matrimonial Services. We are dedicated to assist our brothers and sisters to find, Insha’Allah, the right partner according to your qualifications and preferences. Please note, ICT will only accept single (unmarried) applicants 18 years and older. We assure you that all of your information will be treated confidentially and will be used for the matrimonial purposes only. Upon careful consideration, without revealing your identity (name, address, picture), we will share your detail profile with the opposite gender. Should both parties agree to proceed, we will release your contact info (email or phone) so you can then have direct communication and share further detail of your personal info (name, address, picture etc.).

Please note:

· ICT treats all applications with complete privacy.
· ICT does not guarantee that they will find you a partner.
· Upon its discretion, ICT has the right to stop any further communications between the partners if they suspect any reasonable doubts.


If you do not hear from us, it means we have not able to find your match yet so no need to contact us.

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