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The Islamic Center of Tennessee strives to provide quality Islamic education for both adults and children. Not only is learning the first commandment given by Allah to all Muslims, it is also the foundation of all acts of worship. Using accurate and authentic Islamic sources, ICT strives to provide a balanced education to both adults and children. ICT firmly believes that an imbrication of both Islamic and secular knowledge will enable Muslims be better believers and practitioners of their faith. Allah says in the Qur’an, “By time! Verily, humanity is in a state of loss. Except for those who do good deeds, and enjoin the truth and enjoin patience [among themselves],” Surah Al-‘Asr..

Central Mosque provides a wide range of services & facilities for the local Muslim Community such as Educational Programs, Marriage Facilities, Islamic Advice for the Family and Visits & Tours.

More information about each service & facilitie could be found by visiting their respective pages from teh drop down menu, inshallah.

Prayer Timetable
Fajr4:22 4:30
Zuhr12:53 1:00
Asr4:42 5:00
Magrib8:02 Sunset
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