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Education & Training

The center plays a central role in community education in Cambridge. We help facilitate a Week days, Saturday and Sunday Islamic School, a supervised evening Madrasah, Arabic and Islamic studies, and various recreational activities and trips for young people, including a sisters martial art physical fitness and swimming group. (See the Event Calendar)


Mosque is open for all of the five daily prayers. During the daytime the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Qur‘an and quiet contemplation. It can accommodate over 1000 people, including space dedicated just for women.

Religious advice & counseling

Muslims turn to the mosque for help and advice in all matters of their day-to-day life. The Islamic Center of Tennessee has trained Imams to advice and counsel on the many concerns of the community such as bereavement, cultural challenges, generational issues and matrimonial problems.

Lectures & Training

Regular programs include Tafsir (explanation) of the Qur‘an in English, Bangla and Somali. Also, the Saturday Halaqah is a weekly program open to all the family with a diverse range of speakers and topics.

As more people undertake the Hajj, the mosque offers an open training programs every year.

Marriage solemnization

Family life is the building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy in the Muslim community. The Islamic Center of Tennessee facilitates the solemnization of an Islamic contract of marriage. The newly-married couple is provided with an official 'Nikah' certificate to show they have been married according to Islamic Law.

Funeral Service

Funeral rites for a Muslim must be observed according to religious guidelines. Since the masjid does NOT have this facility, the next door Salahuddin Center Of Nashville have it and their information is the funeral tab.

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Prayer Timetable
Fajr4:04 4:304:30
Zuhr12:50 1:00
Asr4:40 5:00
Magrib8:08 Sunset
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