Medical Clinic Proposal Presentation at ICT 
Date: Sunday Feb 10th, 2013 
Time: 5:00PM

As you may already know we are conducting a study for the purpose of establishing a permanent medical clinic in the back of the ICT building.
We have been in contact with Umma Clinic in California and they have sent us detailed presentation about how to set up such a clinic.

ICT would like to invite the community to a public meeting and discussion.

In this meeting we will hear from Umma Clinic president (by phone conf.) on practical steps on how to establish a charity clinic with volunteer doctors.
The clinic would be self-funded by charging for services provided to patients with insurance and free or minimal fees for uninsured and needy.

Expertise needed:
Medical, legal, Public relations, business management & financial
planning, fundraising / grants, IT, architecture & interior design, and
religious advice.

Join us for more information regarding the establishment of the clinic.