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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is your masjid located?

Our masjid is located off of Bell Road and is behind Kroger. If you are coming from Nashville, hop on to I-40 East, and then connect to I-24 East. Take the Bell Road Exit (Exit No. 59) and take a left at the first light and go under the bridge. Keep going east on Bell Road and take a right onto Bell Forge Lane East. The center is on your left. For our physical address, click on “Contact Us.”

2. What are the demographics of your center?

Our center is well attended by Muslims from all over the world. We reject racism and discrimination, as enshrined in our “Commitments” under the “About Us” tab above.

3. What school of thought (madhhab) does your masjid follow?

Our masjid is a non-denominational Sunni masjid and follows the Qur’an and Sunnah. We welcome all Muslims who ascribe to the Islamic faith to be a part of our community.

4. As a Muslim woman, do I have to wear a headscarf (khimar) and/or Islamic gown (jilbab) when I come to the masjid? Do you have prayer and washing facilities for women?

The masjid does not discriminate women who do not wear the headscarf and/or the Islamic gown. However, the masjid urges all women to wear modest and religious attire to the best of their ability. Yes, we have restrooms for women, as well as a prayer area for the women.

5. Does your center have parking and access for people with disabilities?

Yes. If you find that a handicapped parking spot has been illegally occupied, please notify the masjid immediately. We will do our best to get the car moved or towed. For the prayer halls, there are access ramps for individuals with wheelchairs. If you need a chair for prayer, contact a staff member as soon as possible.

6. How can I get in contact with the Imam?

The masjid does not give out the private numbers of our staff. However, the fastest way is to send an email to imam@theictn.org. Please include your name, number, email, and question/comment and the office will forward the request accordingly

7. What educational activities do you have for reverts? Do you have free printed material on Islam?

We are in the process of setting up a specially designed class for converts in the middle of September.

8. What is the best way for me to help ICT?

ICT welcomes all forms of assistance. May Allah reward you. However, ICT is currently in dire need of your support to help pay off outstanding loans and bills. Please donate for the sake of Allah to ICT and help us make it a better place for all people.


9. How can I be a volunteer?

Please email office@theictn.org and express your desire to be an ICT volunteer. Thank you!


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