The Islamic Center of Tennessee (ICT) was established in 2010 with the goal of educating both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Middle Tennessee. Located in Antioch, a community southeast of Nashville, the Carmike Bell Forge Theater was purchased with money raised from the local community and transformed into the Islamic Center of Tennessee. Many of ICT’s founders are also active members of Muslim communities in Nashville and have tirelessly contributed to ICT.

As the largest Islamic Center in Middle Tennessee, ICT strives to provide unprecedented and professional Islamic and educational services to its parishioners. As the newest and most diverse community in Nashville, ICT aims to unite Muslims upon the true teachings of tolerance and peace from the Qu’ran and Sunnah.

Islamic Services

  • Five daily prayers
  • Juma’a (Friday) prayer services
  • Ramadan Tarawih prayers
  • Dua requests

Children’s Classes

  • Qur’an and Arabic Classes
  • Summer Arabic & Qur’an programs

Adult Classes

  • Weekly Friday night community lecture
  • After school Qur’an classes for junior to high school students
  • Classes for reverts and converts  NEW*
  • Lectures from guest speakers


  • Theater hall for reservations
  • Crescent Cafe
  • Childcare

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