Children’s Education

ICT Weekend School:
The Weekend school will begin on August 31. The classes that are being offered include Quran & Islamic Studies as well as Arabic Language Program. All applications must be submitted before September 1st. Tuition fees MUST be paid in advance.

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Financial Aid is available. Inquire at ICT Office.


Instructor: Imam Ahmedulhadi Sharif

Children ages 5+

Sat & Sun mornings 9:30am – 1:00pm

Sat & Sun afternoon 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Registration fees: $80 every two months



Instructor: TBA

Children ages 5+

Sat & Sun mornings, 9.30am-1pm

Location: Prayer hall

Registration fees: $80 every two months


Please register fast! Spots fill up very quickly.


·       Islamic Center of Tennessee

Summer classes Plan (June 5 – July 10) From 9.30am to 1pm


Quran and Islamic studies:


Instructors:                 Imam Ahmedulhadi Sharif Ibrahim.

And two or three other qualified teachers.


Date and Time:          June 5th– Ramadan 12 (July 10th).

Mon, Tue, wed and Thursday

Morning class: 9.30am – 1pm. (Not sure)

Afternoon class: 1.15pm – 5pm.


Program Description: since each student level is totally different from another we should divide them in groups according to their level of Quran and Islamic studies, so that they will have different programs.


Text book: –

  • Holy Quran book, Basic of Islamic upbringing with notes, Islamic studies for weekend and Usuluthalatha.


Audience Intended:For Every child who registersand older than 5.


Registration fees: Must complete form and pay $80 for each child whole summer program.




Quran: – memorization of Quran for their different levels.



Islamic Studies:-


ü  Aqeedah

ü  Fiqh

ü  Seerah

ü  Islamic Manners and Morals:







Arabic language:-


For Arabic language kids have two different levels, beginner and intermediate. We have two teachers and I asked them to bring me their plan on summer as soon as possible.



  • Teacher of Arabic reading (Qaida Nuraani for reading and writing skills).Al-AfaqfilLughalArabia for intermediate classes. Madina series for Arabic.


At the end of summer we will be having a graduation party and kids will present what they learn.



About the Director/instructor


ü  Imam Ahmedulhadi Sharif Ibrahim.
Imam of Prayers, Director of Children’s Education and Qur’an Instructor

ü  Khadija Kubraa:Quran and Islamic studies instructor

ü  Abdullahi Yare:Quran and Islamic studies instructor

ü  Sister Muna : Arabic language instructor

ü  Ahmed Brifkani: Arabic language instructor


Audience Intended: For Every child who registers and older than 5.





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